Why you should give yourself the gift of relaxation this Christmas

Why you should give yourself the gift of relaxation this Christmas

It seems we spend all of December running around buying gifts for others, but what about you? We believe that as well as spoiling others during the festive period, it’s important to treat yourself too. At The Stable we provide visitors with the perfect environment to sit back and unwind – whether you want to relax in the heat of the sauna or just enjoy a few drinks in our Lounge Bar.

So we’ve said you should let yourself relax, but why? Over the Christmas period, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and a lot of people can start to feel stressed. If minor stress isn’t addressed it can linger and end up becoming long-term and have a much bigger impact on your mood and health – definitely not something you need at Christmas and over New Year! Keep yourself on top form and give yourself a couple of evenings to just relax in the run up to Christmas – trust us you will feel much better for it!

The Stable is located in central London, and we aim to ensure that all of our male visitors relax and get the most from their visit. We provide access to a state-of-the-art sauna, a steam room, wet rooms, a video room and also one of London’s largest spa pools. Relax with others or take some quiet time for yourself – it’s completely up to you!

Keeping your stress levels down is important not just for your emotional well being, but also for your physical health. You’re much more likely to feel motivated and be ready to take on all those parties. Another way to help keep yourself feeling your best is by maintaining a well-balanced diet. Of course there are plenty of treats and drinks you’ll want to have, but try and get a balance as it will help prevent you from feeling too sluggish and also stop any scale-related surprises in the new year!

If you’d like to have some time off at our male-only gay bathhouse, you can find The Stable just a few minutes away from Soho’s gay village and Covent Garden. Please visit our rates and times page for the latest information, and don’t forget to check out our special offers page.


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