Reduce aches and pains caused by the cold

Reduce aches and pains caused by the cold

As the weather gets colder, some may find that the weather causes their joints to stiffen up and they may also notice they are more prevalent to aches and pains. It can be hard enough to drag yourself out of the house in the cold weather, but these aches and pains can really affect your daily activities. At The Stable, we don’t believe that this should have to stop you enjoying your free time. Our facilities can provide visitors with the respite they need from the cold and they can also help to soothe those troublesome pains caused by the winter weather.

Sauna and steam room

These rooms are set to an optimum temperature – they allow you to benefit from a high heat but one that isn’t unbearable. This heat causes your blood flow to improve which means that nutrients and oxygen are delivered around the body much more quickly allowing your joints and muscles to soak up what they need to heal themselves. The heat also helps to release endorphins, which acts as the body’s natural morphine, helping to reduce pain and leave you feeling great.

Spa pool

Spa pools can benefit people who tend to be quite active – whether it’s through playing a lot of sport or even just by being on their feet at work all day. The cold can lead to stiff joints and achy muscles around the body preventing you from carrying out everyday activities or taking part in sports. Relaxing in the warm pool can help relieve these pains. When sitting in the spa pool the natural buoyancy of the water supports most of our body weight which helps reduce the strain on the joints and loosens them up. The pressure is gradually reduced on all the joints and muscles, so you can get back to the gym or being yourself at work.

Book yourself in for a massage

Massage is a fantastic way of relieving aches and pains whilst enjoying a relaxing moment to yourself. When you book a massage at The Stable our experts will rub and knead any points you want focusing on, releasing any aches and pains you may be carrying and loosening up the stiff joints caused by the sharp cold.
If you want to escape from the cold, wet winter weather you can find us centrally located in London near Covent Garden and Soho’s gay village. For more information visit our rates and times page and be sure to check our special offers page for any discounts.

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