No Drugs Policy

Here at The Stable we want our clients to be able to relax and enjoy themselves, however safety is a priority which is why we operate a no tolerance policy to drugs.

Our facilities are designed for the enjoyment and relaxation of visitors and we want every guest to feel comfortable and safe. The heat facilities we provide are extremely beneficial and great for relieving tension when used correctly. Because of the affect the heat facilities have on the body use is prohibited when under the influence of drugs as it greatly increases the risk of injury and illness when using the steam and sauna rooms. We are aware of the dangers that can arise because of drugs in clubs and sauna environments, and recently there have been tragic instances in the news.

Not only do drugs pose a threat to the health of the user, they can also put the safety of other visitors at risk. The risk of incidents of assault and violence are significantly increased where there is drug use, and it creates an unpredictable and unwelcoming environment. Similarly, as well as the actions and behaviour of drug users themselves, equipment for taking drugs poses a threat, such as used needles which risk the spread of infection and blood borne viruses. Our no tolerance policy to drugs ensures that we can keep our visitors safe and they too feel safe.

If anyone is discovered with drugs, they will be ejected from the premises. We hope that our clients understand why we must operate such a strict policy and that the benefits are clear.