Food that will help you avoid the Christmas guilt

Food that will help you avoid the Christmas guilt

The Christmas feast is viewed as one of the most indulgent and calorific events of the year and it traditionally doesn’t fit into any healthy eating routine – but can it? Whilst many of our festive favourites are loaded with fat, there are certain things which are actually good you and are things your body will thank you for!

When loading up your plate, don’t feel bad for piling on the turkey. Turkey is surprisingly good with it being high in protein (even more than chicken) and it’s low in fat. It’s also loaded with niacin which is great for keeping cholesterol levels down and keeping your heart healthy.

┬áChristmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the vegetables and as much as you may try to avoid them you should definitely fill you plate with greens! High in essential vitamins and nutrients, vegetables likes sprouts, carrots, swede and cabbage will keep you feeling fresh over the festive feast. You may also be surprised to learn that festive favourite roast potatoes can be good for you. They are low in saturated fat and a great source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, folate and fibre. Although avoid the duck fat roasties and opt for the ones cooked in vegetable, or even better, coconut oil, to benefit.


As it’s Christmas, of course you want to indulge, however you can still eat well and enter the New Year without feeling as guilty!

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