Food and drink to beat the Christmas hangover

Food and drink to beat the Christmas hangover

Christmas parties are great, but the hangover the next day – not so much. When you’re struggling with typical hangover symptoms including like nausea, headaches, aches and sensitivity to light, you always feel that moment of regret and the ‘never-evers’. A hangover is caused by the changes in your body which occur when you drink alcohol. The toxic chemical in alcohol are essentially poison to the body and cause hormonal and chemical reactions which make you feel like rubbish the following morning. There’s no one cure for hangovers, but there are things you can do to try and reduce the effects of alcohol. We’re going to look at some of the food and drinks to stock up on this December to help avoid the hangover, but also the things to avoid.

The Good

  • Water: your body is majoritively water and when you drink alcohol you dehydrate your body (this is what gives you that pounding morning after headache). Help fight the dreaded sore head by alternating drinks with water during the night, and drink a glass last thing before bed and first thing in the morning.
  • Ginger tea: when it comes to sickness symptoms, ginger tea is a favourite. Ginger tea has been found to help reduce feelings of sickness and settle the stomach.
  • Eggs: eggs are full of taurine, which is great for boosting your liver’s function and also prevent liver disease. As your liver has to work especially hard when you drink alcohol it’s definitely worth giving it an extra hand.
  • Bananas: full of potassium, bananas are perfect for refuelling depleted electrolyte sources caused by alcohol. Even better, mix bananas with other high potassium fruit and veg like spinach and kiwis into a smoothie to give your body a full dose of this needed electrolyte.
  • Oats: full of magnesium, iron and B vitamins, a bowl of porridge oats can raise blood sugar levels, giving you more energy and help you feel human again!

The Bad

  • The fry-up: although traditionally the go-to breakfast the morning after, a greasy fry-up is actually more likely to leave you feeling worse. Fried foods are better as a preventative measure rather than a cure, as they can help insulate your stomach and prevent it from absorbing too much alcohol.
  • Coffee: again this is often popular as people believe the caffeine will help sober you up, however, like alcohol, coffee is a diuretic so it only going to end up dehydrating you further and end up making that headache much worse.
  • Alcohol: we’ve all heard about how you need hair of the dog to get over a hangover. Ignore this – drinking alcohol to cure a hangover is not a solution. You might feel ok to begin with but it’ll just prolong your hangover symptoms and leave you feeling much more worse for wear later in the day.








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