5 great fat burning exercises

5 great fat burning exercises

Do you feel like your current routine isn’t burning enough fat?


Or do you simply want to switch up your current regime?


There are a plethora of options you can try to make the most out of your time.


Here are 5 exercises that we find are particularly beneficial…


Battle rope waves


A common favourite for fat burning and stress-busting are the battle ropes.


Due to the size of these ropes, a little more effort is required to perform the wave routine. That’s why this exercise is great to do in intervals. Push hard for 10, 20 or even 30 seconds. If you really want to push, give yourself around 40 or 50 seconds rest to recuperate. Repeat this a few times until you’ve reached your limit.


This exercise is not hard on your lower body, but with the correct squatted posture, including crunched abs and a flat back, you will feel it working its magic.


You should feel your heart and muscles pumping as this is an excellent adrenaline booster!


Box squat jumps


When we take part in jumping exercises, we stimulate our fast-twitch muscle fibres. This is what causes the fat burning. Though of course this is great, the intensity of these exercises on your muscles can begin to cause some uncomfortable problems. This can especially be the case for overweight people – the ones who are most keen to burn fat!


This is why box squat jumps are brilliant.


Because you sit down between reps, the way you land is much easier on the knee joints.


The beauty of this exercise is that you can find and adjust landing heights based on your abilities. You can also adjust these again if and when your abilities change.




Who knew such a simple piece of equipment could provide such an incredible full body workout?


It is important that you find the right speed for your abilities. You will want to land on the ball of your feet at all times to keep a good pace. Finding a challenging yet realistic pace means you should only have to jump high enough so that the rope is cleared.


As a more intense exercise, you should be looking at short two-minute periods to feel the full effect. Once you become comfortable with the exercise, you can try new skipping rope workouts to test their fat burning capabilities.


Farmer’s walk with dumbbells


Walking is simple, yet effective. When walking you will have a slow but continuous burning of calories.


By adding weight to your walk, you can now not only burn calories but burn fat and build muscle all over your body!


You can choose to use one dumbbell or have one in each arm – or you can alternate. You can also choose to have the weights at different levels as you walk. This could be from the hip, up to the chest or even overhead as you walk. Each of these changes will alter your level of stability.


You should aim to do these in one or two minute periods for sufficient fat loss. The longer you are able to go, the better.


Walking lunges


As well as burning fat, walking lunges are great for improving strength and stability. Try ending any workout with 10 minutes of walking lunges. This exercise also helps with hip mobility, knee strength and cardio conditioning.


While doing this exercise, you will seriously speed up your metabolism as the range of motion stimulates both your thighs and hips.


Not only this but regularly doing walking lunges should improve your ability to run, squat and jump by increasing mobility and flexibility!


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